A Preview of Dream Defenders

Dream Defenders is an IP we have developed and produced in house. It has won the recent Apollo awards for Best Animation. It is shown on 3 channels in the US (Discovery Family, Hulu and 3net). In Europe, it has been shown on Super RTL and Planeta Junior. The series has been sold to close to 80 countries worldwide so far and is distributed by Dreamworks Classics. In Asia, it is on DreamWorks TV Asia across 19 countries. We have worked on the complete pre production and production for the series. 

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A Preview of One of the Episode we have worked on.

Another recent project we have worked on is Talking Tom and Friends. Its an amzing series. Every episode is hitting 4 to 7 millions views on youtube within a month, reaching more than 10 millions viewers each. We are honoured to be given the opportunity to work on this. We have worked on the animation, lightings, compositing, visual effects and rendering for the episodes.

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One of the Game Cinematics we have worked on.

We have worked on the modeling, texturing, rigging, layout, animation, lighting, compositing, visual effects and rendering for the game cinematics.


A Preview of G Fighters

This is a preview of the series we co-produced with a Korean Studio - Electric Circus. We have worked on the 3D layout, animation, lighting, visual effects, compositing and rendering.

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Opening of Ben 10 - Destroy All Aliens

Ben 10 - Destroy All Aliens. This is a 66 mins telefeature we did for Cartoon Network. It has won several awards and is well received worldwide. We have worked on all the digital assets creation, 3d layout, animation, lighting, visual effects, compositing and rendering.


Launching Dream Defenders Adventure VR App

We are now moving into using VR to tell story. Beyond just looking around in 360 like most common experiences, we also allow user to walk, jump in the scene. The user can also activate abilities like laser beams just by staring at the target. We are making it as interactive as possible. All you need is just an mobile phone and basic pair of VR goggles. Next we will be exploring allowing multiple participants to go into the same virtual world together. 

Download the FREE Dream Defenders VR App


Dream Defenders Augmented Reality at Okto Amazing Adventure Day!

Dream Defenders is now an Augmented Reality at the Dream Defenders Okto Amazing Adventure Day. The Augmented Reality experinece has been very well received by the kids.

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In Singapore, we have our own in house pre-production and production team. We developed our own IP as well as provide services to other companies. One of our strengths is in creating what we call future-proof content. We are always ahead of our competitors in terms for creating content for the latest platforms making use of the latest technologies. From stereoscopic 3D to auto stereoscopic 3D content, and now moving into interactive VR production.

For a more up-to-date and complete showreel, drop us a note at the CONTACT section.

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